MetroPCS PUK Code 2022 – Get SIM Unlock Code For MetroPCS

Metropcs is quite a popular telecom brand in the US. It has a very large telecom network and operates all around the US. Today, we have brought the Metropcs PUK code for you that will help you to unlock your SIM card. We will also tell you about the methods that you can use to reset the PIN of your SIM card.

What Is The Metropcs PUK Code 2022?

The PUK code of Metro PCS is an 8 digit or 16 digit code. This code will help you to reset your SIM’s PIN code if is somehow gets locked. This code is unique for everyone and will help you to unlock your Metropcs PUK code.

How To Get The Metropcs PUK Unlock Code?

There are different methods that you can use to get the PUK code for your Metropcs SIM card. These methods are as follows:

Through Initial Packaging Of Metropcs

The first method that you can try using is to check the initial packaging of your SIM card. Usually, the SIM card of Metropcs comes with the PUK code. To find this code, you just need to check the cardholder of your SIM. However, if you don’t have the cardholder then it is suggested to check any of the methods that we have mentioned below.

Though Customer Care Number Of Metropcs

The next method that you can try to get your Metropcs PUK code is to contact the support team. For this, just simply dial the Metropcs customer care number. This will start the IVR for you. After this, just select the correct options to reach any customer care executive of Metropcs. Now, simply ask him about the PUK code. For security reasons, he might ask you about some personal details. Just provide him with the relevant details and get your Metropcs SIM unlock code.

Get Metropcs PUK Code Online

The last method that you can to get your PUK code is to visit the official website of Metropcs. There login with your mobile number to visit your dashboard. After visiting the dashboard, just click on the PUK code option and enter the required details. Doing this will help you to get the PUK code for your Metropcs SIM. 

How To Use The Metropcs PUK Code?

It is very easy to use the SIM unlock code of Metropcs. For this, you just need to go through the following steps:

  1. Once your SIM card get blocked, it will ask you to enter the PUK code.
  2. Just enter the Metropcs PUK code and click ok.
  3. After this, it will ask you to reset your PUK code.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to follow to use the SIM unlock code of Metropcs.

What Is The Customer Care Number To Get Metro PCS SIM Card PUK Code?

The Metropcs customer care number is 1-888-863-8768. You can use this number to reach out the support team of Metropcs and get your PUK code.

8 Digit Vs 16 Digit PUK Code Of Metropcs, Which Is Better To Use?

Both 8 and 16 digit PUK codes have the same usage and implication. Though, many telecom service providers including Metropcs doesn’t provide any 16 digit PUK code. So, it is better to use 8 digit PUK code to unlock the SIM card.

Is Metropcs SIM PIN And PUK Code The Same Thing?

No, both of these things are quite different. The SIM PIN code is used to unlock the blocked SIM card. On the other hand, PUK code is used to reset PIN code if it gets blocked.

What Is Metropcs Default SIM PIN?

The default PUK code for each user is unique and different. You can check that code on the initial packing of your SIM card.

What If I Enter Metropcs SIM PUK Code Incorrect For Three Times?

If you enter this code wrong more than 3 times then your SIM will get permanently blocked. So, it is suggested to use this code with caution.

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