PUK Code For Lycamobile 2022 – Unlock Your SIM Card

Lycamobile is one of the most popular telecom brands and has a very large userbase. It started its journey in 2006 and now it has a presence in more than 23 countries. If you too are using its service then somehow your SIM might get locked. In such scenarios, you may need to have the Lycamoible PUK code. That’s why we have brought this guide in which we will tell you about the PUK code for Lycamobile. Now, let’s move forward in this guide to know what PUK code for the Lycamobile SIM card is.

What Is Lycamobile PUK Code?

Lycamobile PUK code is an 8 digit or 16 digit pin code that you can use to unblock your SIM card if it gets blocked. This code is a unique pin code and differs from user to user. So, this means you cannot use the Lycamobile PUK code of any other user to unlock your SIM card.

How To Get Your PUK Code For Lycamobile?

There are two simple ways through which you can get the PUK code for your Lycamobile SIM card. Below we have mentioned both of these methods for you.

Get Lycamobile PUK Code Through USSD Code

The first method that you can use to get the PUK code for Lycamobile is to use the USSD code. For this, just dial the number 198 and it will display some options on your screen. From there just select the PUK option and it will display your PUK code along with many other details.

Get Lycamobile PUK Code Offline

If you cannot use the above-mentioned method then you can still get your PUK for Lycamobile through offline mode. Your default PUK code for your Lycamoible will be mentioned on the SIM card holder that comes with the started pack. You can use this code to unlock your SIM card.

So, these are the two simple steps that you can use to know what is Lyca PUK code is. Both of these methods will help you to unlock your SIM card easily.

How Can I Unlock My Lycamobile SIM?

Once you get your PUK code for Lycamobile, then you just need to follow the following steps to unlock your SIM card:

  1. Unlock the lock of your smartphone.
  2. Now, it will ask you to enter the PUK code.
  3. After that, just enter the PUK code for Lycamobile.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to get your SIM card unblocked easily.

Can I Get My PUK Number Online?

Yes, you can also get your PUK code for Lycamobile online. For this, you just need to visit the official website of Lycamobile. There register with your mobile number and visit the help center option. From there, you can get your unique 8 digit PUK code for Lycamoible.

FAQs Related To Lycamobile PUK Code

Is There A Way To Get Lycamobile PUK Code Through IVR?

Yes, you can also get your Lyca PUK code through IVR. For this, you just need to dial Lycamobile customer care number 020 713 20322. This will start the IVR for you. From there, select the correct options to get your PUK code.

Is Lycamobile SIM PIN And PUK Code The Same?

No, both of these things are different. The PUK code is used to unlock the SIM card. On the flip side, you can use the PIN to reset your PUK code.

Is There Any Other Code That You Can Use Instead Of PUK Code Lyca?

No, there isn’t any code other than PUK code. So, if you are willing to unlock a SIM card then you will have to use the PUK code for Lyca.

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