How To Get Your Maxis PUK Code Easily?

Maxis is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Malaysia that provides cellular network services to millions of users. The Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code, also known as Maxis PUK Code, plays an important role for the customers of Maxis as it helps unlock their SIM card when they forget or enter the wrong Maxis PIN code multiple times.

What Is A PUK Code?

A PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code, also called Maxis PUK Code, is an eight-digit code that can unlock your SIM card when you have entered the wrong Maxis PIN code more than the allowed number of attempts (usually three times). The PUK code is printed on the SIM card packaging you receive when purchasing a new SIM or the actual SIM card itself.

Why Is My Maxis PUK Code Important?

If you enter the wrong Maxis SIM PIN more than the allowed number of attempts, your SIM card will get locked for security reasons. This is why keeping a note of your PUK code Maxis is crucial. Without the PUK code, you cannot unlock your SIM card and make calls, send texts, or use data. Effectively, your number will be blocked until you obtain the correct PUK code.

How To Get Your Maxis PUK Code?

There are a few ways through which you can obtain your PUK number Maxis:

  • Contact Maxis Customer Service: Call the Maxis customer care number 1-800-821-123 or visit the nearest Maxis center to retrieve your PUK code. You may need to provide your identification details for verification.
  • Check Online: Log into your Maxis account online or visit the Maxis website to retrieve your PUK code. Again, you need to log in or sign up for an account.
  • Check SIM Packaging: As mentioned earlier, the PUK code is printed on the SIM card packaging. Make sure to keep the packaging safe in case you forget the PIN.

How To Set Your Maxis Default SIM PIN?

To set Maxis or Hotlink default sim pin you have to follow some steps, we have mentioned below here.

  • Open your phone dialer application.
  • Now dial *100# and press the call button.
  • Choose the Puk number option.
  • Know and set your PUK Maxis Code.

How Do I Get My PUK Code For Maxis Easily?

To get your Maxis sim PUK number you can use the *100# number. This number will let you know about your Maxis sim card PUK code that will help you unlock your sim card easily. However, you can also contact its customer care to ask for your sim card PUK code. But if you have your registration message saved on your mobile then you can check that too.

How To Get Maxis PUK Code Online?

To get your PUK code Maxis online, you just need to go through the following steps:

  • Visit the official Maxis website.
  • There, log in with your number.
  • Navigate to your profile.
  • There look for the PUK code option of Maxis.
  • There, enter the required details to get your PUK number Maxis.

What If I Lose My Maxis PUK Code?

If you have somehow lost or misplaced the PUK code Maxis, do not panic. You can still get it by contacting the Maxis customer service representatives through the available channels. They will verify your identity and provide you with a new PUK code to unlock your SIM. It is recommended you note down the new PUK code somewhere safe.

Where Can I Get Help Unlocking My Maxis SIM?

In case you are unable to retrieve the PUK code from Maxis due to long call wait times or unresponsiveness, you can check some third-party websites that offer Maxis PUK Code services. However, be very careful while sharing your details with them and only use trusted platforms. Alternatively, you can visit any Maxis service center located nearby with a valid ID proof to get your SIM unlocked.

What Happens if I Enter the Wrong Maxis PUK Code?

If you enter an incorrect PUK code 10 times, your SIM card will get permanently locked and blocked. In such a scenario, you will have to get a new SIM card issued from Maxis. To avoid this, be doubly sure that you are entering the right Maxis PUK Code that you have noted down or received from the customer support team. You should also check the PUK code is meant for your Maxis number only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Retrieve My Maxis PUK Code?

It usually takes less than 24 hours for Maxis to provide you with a new PUK code through their customer support channels.

Is The PUK Code Maxis the Same For All SIM Cards?

No, each Maxis SIM card has a unique 8-digit PUK code printed on it or its packaging. The PUK code works only for that specific SIM card number.

Can I Get A Maxis PUK Code without The SIM Card?

Yes, you can get a new PUK code from Maxis customer service as long as you provide your valid identification and SIM card number for verification.

What Is The Maxis SIM Card Default PIN Code?

The Maxis default SIM PIN is 0000. By using this code, you can easily unblock your Maxis SIM card if somehow it gets locked.

How Many Times Can I Request a New Maxis PUK Code?

There is no fixed limit but Maxis may refuse to issue a new PUK code if the same SIM gets permanently locked multiple times, in which case a new SIM will need to be purchased.


In conclusion, keeping a note of your Maxis PUK Code is important as it helps unlock your SIM card when you forget the PIN. You can obtain a new PUK code by contacting Maxis customer service through call, chat, or visiting a service center. Checking the SIM packaging or the Maxis official website online are other reliable options. Just make sure to enter the right 8-digit PUK number Maxis to avoid permanent blocking of your SIM.

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