Vodafone PUK Code : Default SIM PIN Details

To get the Vodafone PUK code, call 191 from your mobile phone or 08700 700191 from a landline. Use Vodafone Default SIM PIN: 1234 to unlock your phone.

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication company providing mobile networks, broadband, and other internet services in many countries. It has millions of users and some of them lock their sim cards by mistake and search for the sim PIN Vodafone PUK code.

When the incorrect SIM pin is repeatedly entered, a personal unblocking code (PUK) is required. In an emergency, customers can get in touch with customer service to obtain a Vodafone pin code that would quickly unlock their SIM card.

So, in this guide we have covered all these details in depth.

What Is The 8 Digit PUK Code Vodafone?

All SIM cards have access to the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key), which is an eight-digit unique number that is often provided to a SIM card as a security measure.

Call 191 from your mobile device or 08700 700191 from a landline to obtain the Vodafone PUK code. To unlock your phone, enter the Vodafone default SIM PIN, 1234.

This PIN is usually printed on the back of the sim pack, however, if you lose it, you can receive a sim pin vodafone via SMS, or calling customer care.

Where do I find my Vodafone PUK code?

To obtain a PUK code, call at 191 (0333 304 0191) or 191 and say “I need a PUK code”. Once you’ve received your PUK, follow other instructions.

What Is The Vodafone Default SIM PIN 2024?

The default PIN for all Vodafone SIM cards is 0000. In case, if your SIM card is locked then you just need to use this code easily unblock your SIM Card. You can try entering your Vodafone PIN for three times only.

If you input the incorrect PIN three times, your SIM card will stop working and you will be unable to connect to your mobile network. To reset your SIM PIN, input the PUK code, which is your SIM’s PIN Unlock Code.

You can also contact the support team of Vodafone to get your SIM PIN Vodafone to unlock the number.

How To Set Your Vodafone Default Sim Pin Code?

To set your Vodafone PIN, follow these simple steps:

  • Find and select “Change SIM PIN” in your phone settings
  • Press the menu icon on your device
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Location & Security from the options
  • Select Set up SIM card lock
  • Opt for Change SIM PIN
  • Enter your current PIN
  • Input a new 4-digit Vi PIN code
  • Re-enter the new PIN for confirmation and press OK

Get Vodafone SIM Unlock PUK Code Through SMS

To obtain your unique Vodafone SIM PIN, just compose a message with PUK <space> 15 Digit SIM number. Immediately after this, just send out this message to the customer care number of Vodafone. Soon, you will receive an eight-digit PUK number of Vodafone in the kind of text. You can make use of this code number to unlock your blocked Vodafone SIM card.

Remember, the 15-digit SIM number is going to be printed on the back side of your SIM card.

Get Vodafone PUK Code 2024 Online

You may also obtain your unique SIM PIN Vodafone online.

  • Visit the official Vodafone site.
  • Sign in to your Vodafone accounts.
  • Visit your Vodafone profile.
  • Navigate to the Vodafone PUK code number option.
  • Tap there Towards your unique PIN NUMBER code of Vodafone.

These are the straightforward steps that you should follow to get the unique sim pin Vodafone.

Why Do I Need Vodafone PUK Code?

A Vodafone PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is an 8-digit code. When users put their Vodafone sim card into their new mobile they should use a special pin to prove their ownership. Unfortunately, some users forget their pin or unknown to it.

This is the only PUK number you need to activate your Vodafone SIM card. 

You can contact Vodafone at 03333 040 191 to obtain a PUK code. Call fees are as usual.

Why is my Vodafone suddenly asking for PUK code?

Your SIM card is locked and you have made several incorrect PIN entries if your phone is requesting a PUK code.
Your SIM card’s package or the SIM card itself includes your PUK number. Enter that PUK code to unlock your SIM. If this won’t work.

You can contact customer service for your mobile network if you are unable find your PUK code.

Will Vodafone Default SIM PIN Work For Me?

The provided default SIM PIN Vodafone “0000” might not work for everyone as some phones require a unique SIM PIN number. In case, if this Vodafone PUK code doesn’t work for you then it is suggested to contact the support team to get your unique Vodafone SIM PIN.

Can You Unlock A Phone Without Vodafone PUK Code?

No, if you don’t have the PUK code Vodafone then you cannot open your Vodafone sim number.

How Do I Get The PUK Code For My Vodafone?

To obtain your PUK, dial 199 IVR toll-free number for Vodafone.

What Is The Code To Reset Sim Pin Vodafone?

To reset the pin code for your Vodafone, Dial *110# and follow the steps to make a new pin code Vodafone.

Below here we have mentioned other companies PUK codes:

Hope these unblock codes will help you to unlock your sim numbers without having any problems.

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